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[g2:1292 class=left]A NOZ? ZAPOMNA... NOZ JEST TU, KROLICZKO,



[g2:1292 class=left]A NOZ? ZAPOMNA... NOZ JEST TU, KROLICZKO, MOJ GEBELSIE MOJA KONI... MOJA.... BARONOWO! I POWIEM WIECEJ! LECZ ZA CHWILE.... Duch Witkacego, lecz miodowy miesiac pozniej. Witkacy: Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz 1885-1939 by Mark Rudnicki [g2:2000 class=right]Dramatist, poet, novelist, painter, photographer, art theorist, and philosopher, Witkacy was one of the leading members of Poland's poetic and artistic avant-garde of the first half of the 20th century. [g2:2002 class=left]Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz's birth, life, death, and even his reburial are shrouded in mystery and legend. He was born on February 24, 1885. Even upon entering this world, Witkacy could not avoid playing mysterious games - his birth certificate inexplicably certifies March 24, 1885 as his date of birth. As a child he was encouraged to develop his individuality and creativity in as many outlets as possible: [g2:2006 class=right]He was schooled at home and pursued diverse interests to promote creativity in painting, music, photography, literature, science and philosophy; however, his most important and lasting creation came much later in life. [g2:2008 class=left]Shortly after he returned from his military service in Russia, he created Witkacy -- a combination of his last and middle names. He began signing his experimental paintings, and most of his correspondence by this name, or some variation of it (Witkac, Witkatze, Witkacjusz, Vitkacius, Vitecasse), which helped to distinguish him from his famous father with the same name. [g2:2010 class=right]Unfortunately, this creation was simply a manifestation of an identity crisis. Due to his eclectic education, Witkacy attempted throughout his life to distinguish himself in many outlets, as a painter, aesthetician, playwright, novelist, and philosopher, and, through whatever means necessary: marriage, sex, drugs, or alcohol. [g2:2012 class=left]All of these efforts to justify his existence proved futile during his lifetime, as he was privately and publicly, for the most part, unsuccessful; only posthumously did his work receive proper attention, and, subsequently, national and international success. Today hardly a season goes by without a performance of one of his dramas or an exhibition of his paintings. His dramas and paintings have followers all over the world. More: http://info-poland.buffalo.edu/classroom/witkacy/witkacy.html



<p style='background-color: black; color: yellow;'> <a href="/index.php?q=gallery&g2_itemId=1993"> <img src="/p/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=1993&g2_serialNumber=1&g2_GALLERYSID=1abd12eb30f7557ddcef403b7d3fdf31" style="padding: 10px; float: left ;"> </a> <i>'JAKAKOLWIEK DECYZJA ZAATAKOWANIE IRANU BEDZIE <B>NIEODWRACALNYM BLEDEM</B>, NIEZAPOMNIANYM DLA WROGA,'</i> POWIEDZIAL STARSZY RANGA IRANSKI KOMANDOR. <p style="color: red; background: black;"><B>"POMYLKI MOGA ZOSTAC NAPRAWIONE, LECZ URUCHOMINIE STARTU INWAZJI NA IRAN BEDZIE NIEODWRACALNYM BLEDEM KTORY SPOTKA ODPOWIEDZ DOPOKI NIE UPADNA," <span style="color: yellow;"> POWIEDZIAL GLOWNY KOMANDOR IRANSKIEJ ARMII, MAJOR GENERAL ATAOLLAH SALEHI.<BR> <div style='background-color: Purple ;padding: 20 px; font-size=-2; font-style: italic; float:right;'> ZRODLO: <a href="http://www.presstv.com/detail.aspx?id=72701&sectionid=351020101">PRESS TV</a> </div> </span> </B> </p> </p>

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co to jest do chuja
[quote=Anonim]co to jest do chuja[/quote] Niektorzy, doprawdy, nie powinni otwierac pyska i mowic o pewnych sprawach, bo sami sobie noz w swoje wlasne plecy pakuja... popatrz na to, niech spojrza w zwierciadlo, ktore im na tych stronach ofiaruje: [quote] [g2:1998 class=left]Benedykt XVI "przyozdobiony" hitlerowską swastyką - taki obrazek mogli znaleźć izraelscy internauci na stronie popierającej rządzącą partię Kadima. - Chcemy zaprotestować przeciwko roli Watykanu w czasach nazistowskiego ludobójstwa - wyjaśnił jeden Pius XII nie trafi na ołtarze Watykan potwierdza: papież Benedykt XVI nie podpisze beatyfikacji swojego... czytaj więcej [/quote] i powiedz mi, ze oni nie chcieli wywolac k krucjaty... PS. No nie bardzo chcieli pisac wczoraj w polsce o Papiezu, ktory po cwiercwieku wspiol sie na Wezyliusza, o czym mozesz przeczyta na ..... HyperReal [/quote]
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Daj proszę spokój. Możesz w tysiącach innych miejsc w Sieci( ktoorą kochamy) zamieszczać te wklejki. Hyperreal wyraźnie traci na Twojej aktualnej nadaktywności. Chilu[]m



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Zróbcie coś z tym człowiekiem zanim rozwali on cały hyperreal. Czemu mają służyć te informacje
here you can get more info in english about this PDF sorry for spelling, but did not had time to take care about it you will find lots of clues that can help solve you 11 September and some other cabals made by SPPX Religion, war games - and spirit of Jean Paul II vs SPPX bellow you will find a links to a dialogue, between SPPX (NEO/JUDEO-NAZI) and Pope Jean Paul II. But first i would like Joep Oomen, Peter Cohen and Peter Webster for one thing. Joep Oomen has told me some time ago, that Peter Webster or Cohen (i am not sure which one) was in Vatican with his visit Who was there? Who has invited you? And about what you was talking? in time between some form of assasination of JP2, that has a place on 2.4 2005 The SPPX was negotiating, to create structure simillar to the Opus Dei, but has failed to achieve this. This same group (looking from every aspect: ideological, historical, religous, financial and political), has performed such games before, as an experiment carried out in Central Europe in the twenties and thirties... The Pope Jean Paul II, was aware very well about this, as he, like me, was from Poland... Well, he has visited my page, or has been updated on progress. I think, that he wanted to solve some old puzzle (which i call Cabala). Some part of this story is a discovery that has been made by Sara Benetowa, that was published on 1936 in Warszawa, Polska. The point that she has made, was that word 'cannabis' comes from hebrew word 'kanabos' or 'kanebosm'. And you can find it without problems in orginal version of Old Testament. The problem was a wrong translation to the Greek version, probabley because they simply was missing a word... But this word is much older. She was jewish in orgin, so she has missed a point, this word comes from asyrian word - KANABA. That is what we had in common with Pope, he was fully aware of this, and i think, he had a dream. I wonder what other proofs Vatican have in support of this thesis. But the people, was not yet ready, for such a move. Then in time of apperance on world stage of Condolenzia Rice in my life, i had meet a person, that has come directly from SPPX and had a link to DuPont family in United States... We has spent last night together on 2.4.2005. And then true story has begun. Discoveres i has meed so far, ar trully like nuclear bomb in political and religous spheres. I wonder how much Pope has been shocked at this night (2.4) by COBRA, and what he has heard on 'Radiodiffusion Française'. Here are links to some letters with SPPX. Look at dates, they love digits... Look also on headers, Vatican uses: Dear Brother in the Lord: SPPX: Our Lady Bellow you will find some more informations, that maybe will not be so interesting for others, but it is key issue for me. What will happen to SPPX/ECON and thier wish to create organization like Opus Dei? Statement by Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX on Meetings in Rome and Regularization Discussions Letter of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos to Mgr. Fellay Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X - ECON!!! Official statement of the Superior General, January 22 2001 (English translation by Mr. Ken Jones, Una Voce St. Louis) http://www.unavoce.org/fellay.htm Letter of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos to Mgr. Fellay (English translation by Mr. Ken Jones, Una Voce St. Louis) The Vatican, April 5, 2002 http://www.unavoce.org/castrillon_hoyos_to_fellay.htm It is interesting that on 10-11 September 2008, in Stockholm, which is natural home (after the Rosenbruck in Bavaria) for SPPX, Queen Silvia has signed an political declaration that you can find there: Look to the reaction of pope, on 14 September 2008, in Lourdes, The Society of St. Pius X, one of the groups attached to the Mass as it was celebrated before Vatican II, and currently not in full communion with the Church, was founded by French bishop Marcel Lefebvre. In the accompanying statement to Benedict XVI's letter on the liturgy, which established that the 1962 Missal could be used as the "extraordinary form" of the Roman Rite, the Pope explained that he was making "every effort" to enable those who truly desire unity to remain in that unity or to attain it anew. He gave the same message to the French bishops today. "Everyone has a place in the Church," the Pontiff affirmed. "Every person, without exception, should be able to feel at home, and never rejected. God, who loves all men and women and wishes none to be lost, entrusts us with this mission by appointing us shepherds of his sheep. "We can only thank him for the honor and the trust that he has placed in us. Let us therefore strive always to be servants of unity." But has also give a clear warnings - "Some fruits of these new arrangements have already been seen, and I hope that, thanks be to God, the necessary pacification of spirits is already taking place," the Holy Father continued. And looking back into connection of SPPX, Cruseders schools and so on. I will not be surprised, that very soon, we will discover, that this group SPPX - that have main head-quaters in ECON (founded in simillar time that american NEOCON), whas not only behind plots to kill JP II but also behind 11 September mistification... Just read this message from (9.9.2001) i think that Una Voce Greenville was a signal, and something for this people like tora tora tora was for Japanes. If you look back into history you will see that they come from Project Manhattan: UPDATE: The Traditional Latin Mass Returns to Greenville, SC Brian Mershon Una Voce Greenville. Posted 19 September 2001/sl. Sept. 9th, 2001: First Traditional Latin Mass in 40 Years - Greenville, SC ... More than 200 turned out Sunday, Sept. 9 for the first Traditional Latin Mass in Greenville in nearly 40 years. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was celebrated by Fr. James Buckley, FSSP, and families from the entire region of Greenville-Spartanburg-Easley-Columbia as well as Atlanta and bordering North Carolina. 9 September 2001. Just II days before 11 September Holy Sacrification of the Two Towers. The Greenville is also a key town for DuPont corporation... http://www.unavoce.org/news/2001/greenville_sc.html Vexílla Régis pródeunt : Fúlget Crúcis mystérium, Quo carne carnis cónditor Suspénsus est patíbulo. It is irony, that people like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietrich_von_Hildebrand that in past was forced to escape because of NAZI, has created a founding stone for NEO-NAZIM or even - JUDEO-NAZIZM as some say. Here you can find more on this - http://www.unavoce.org/auspic.htm I think that this has happend after Hildebrand death (1977), two years later. It is worth to note that Benedict XVI was his firend, and also follower of traditional Latin MaSS. UNA VOCE AMERICA REJOICES OVER NEW POPE Throughout the world, you can hear the roar of approval from millions of Catholics overjoyed and grateful to hear that the new Pope is committed to Tradition. Tradition is the body of beliefs, writings, devotions, rituals, gestures all things Roman Catholic that has been passed down from generation to generation from the time of the Apostles until now. Amongst those cheering most loudly for Holy Father Benedictus XVI is Una Voce America. http://www.unavoce.org/news/2005/benedict_xvi.html AND HIS QUOTES AND CONNECTIONS TO SPPX http://www.unavoce.org/new_chapter/benedict.htm They has cellebrated victory, and i think as a gift on December 25, 2001, they has been officialy reconized by Vatican, they and thier ... ancient maSS. The document was signed and accepted on the 25th of December 2001 with the express signature of the Sovereign Pontiff John Paul II in the 23rd year of his pontificate. WHAT IS IMPORTANT, THAT IT HAS NEVER BEEN IMPLEMENTED, JEAN PAUL HAS DISCOVERED SOMETHING WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU NOW!!! BUT THERE WAS STRONG CIRCLE INSIDE OF VATICAN THAT HAS BEEN ABLE TO CONVICE HIM (I GUESS THAT HE WAS NOT AWARE OF 11.IX PLOT) TO SIGN THIS GIFT, THIER PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JP2 HAS GAVE PROMISE, BUT NOT COMPLETED IT. IN MEAN TIME SOMETHING HAS BROKEN AND HE STARTED TO BE TO DANGEROUS... "At the same time, we inform you, Venerable Brother, that a legislative document will be drawn up which will establish the juridical form of the confirmation of your ecclesiastical property and guarantee respect for the property which belongs to you. By means of this document, the Union will be canonically raised to the status of a Personal Apostolic Administration which will be directly subject to the Apostolic See and will have its territory in the diocese of Campos. The question of jurisdiction exercised concurrently with that of the Ordinary of the place will be dealt with. Its government will be entrusted to you, Venerable Brother, and provision will be made for your succession." (Letter of J.P. II 25. 12. 2001) http://www.unavoce.org/articles/2002/campos_aulagnier.html Oh, yes, for some, they did excellent work... Just to quote from thier day of celebration of SPPX order.. There are some acts that are historic. The one that took place in the Cathedral of the diocese of Campos in Brazil on the 18th of January 2002, on that day which was traditionally dedicated to the Chair of St Peter - dates have their significance - is one of those acts. And eminently so! What an occasion! What a ground-breaking event! What a splendid assertion! "They have found their way into the newspapers, our newspapers too...That's inevitable. Rome is aware of them. Anyone who found that surprising would be lacking in knowledge of what makes people tick." Ohh, yes, they publish very clear messages and secret too, even in titles of thier newspapers, here is list from ECON webstie that no longer exists: Le Croisé (F)2446285177914924575151392071624855489981 Der Kreuzfahrer (D)5116387386335112185483116772221582 Hostia (USA)51912628609844711260743484557696031541215828 The Crusader (AUS)75191475772710025818999272527333199 The Guardian of Crusader (CND)2056597965736893679151153603 El Cruzado (E)1125342431669241050001030 Hostia (GB)123605448411252165132185162 Il Crociato (I)1233647337948699216109380 De Kruisvaarder (NL)122547838342379098490255 I will tell you more, at some time, around death of thier leader, they started to cultivate a hate agains our Pope. Because, after some discoveres he wanted to throw them out of religion. He has sent an emissary to their home in ECON, but he has found thier leader near dead, so has choosen to return to Vatican and talk with pope. And after death of thier leader, they started to say that JP2 was so bad for them, and even in time of death of thier spiritual leader he wanted to throw him out of church. So, this debate, is still ongoing. I has sent some file - PDF - that has been throw in face of Mr. Rice (Secretary of State U.S.) in Congress by some iraqi activists (heh, i saw this online live thanks to Press TV). After looking at it, at the same day, has told to the public that she do not want to be Vice-President in next administration. But still has made secret deal with McCaine. It was in March, this year. In meantime Benedict XVI (which have some personal connections with SPPX), has offered to complete this transition from December, promised by JP2 (but broken, after his discovery!!!). BUT ON 21 APRIL 2008 - LEADER OF SPPX HAS WROTE TO POPE THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER INTERESTED IN THIS!!! BUT THEY WAS FIGHTINH FOR THIS FOR DOZEN OF YEARS!!! HE HAS COMPLETLY LOST HIS MIND AT THIS MOMENT - JUST LIKE RICE AND BENEDICT HAS CALLED THEM ON MEETING WHEN THEY DID NOT CLARIFIED HE HAS MADE AN ULTIMATUM Concerning the Ultimatum of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos On June 4, 2008, at the request of Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, His Excellency Bernard Fellay, went to Rome accompanied the 2nd Assistant General, Rev. Fr. Alain-Marc Nély. http://catholic-perspective.blogspot.com/2008/07/official-position-of-sp... THE PROBLEM IS THAT I KNOW A LOT ABOUT THIS THINGS, AND ON NIGHT 21-22 JUNE SOMEBODY HAS BROKEN TO MY MOTHER HOME I WAS THERE WITH ONE DAY VISIT AND HAS TOLD OVER PHONE THAT I WILL BE GOING ON SOME CONFERENCE THAT ATTENDS PRIME MINISTER OF POLAND, BUT HAS CHANGED PLAN AND STAYED LONGER SO I HAD SURPRISED THIS PERSON, BUT HIS INTENSIONS WAS VERY CLEAR, HE WANTED TO RAPE AND KILL MY MOTHER WITHOUT LEAVING ANY CLUES THAT WILL BE I WHO WILL BE PROSECUTED!!! SPPX HAS COMPLETLY LOST THIER MIND AND LOOKING AT THIER CONNECTIONS INSIDE NEOCON ADMINISTRATION (ECON - NEOCON) THEY ARE REALLY DANGEROUS AND THERE YOU CAN FIND EXAMPLE OF PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS IN UNITED KINGDOM THAT ARE CONNECTED TO THIS WAR CRIMINALS Rt. Hon. Michael Ancram, QC MP. Miss Madeleine Beard, M.Litt. (Cantab). Dr. Mary Berry CBE, Founder of the Schola Gregoriana in Cambridge. James Bogle, TD, MA, ACIarb, Barrister, Chairman of the Catholic Union of Great Britain. Count Neri Capponi, Judge of the Tuscan Ecclesiastical Matrimonial Court. Fr. Antony F.M. Conlon, Chaplain to the Latin Mass Society. Julian Chadwick, Chairman – The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. Rev. Fr. Ronald Creighton-Jobe, The Oratory, London. Fra' Fredrik Crichton-Stuart, Chairman CIEL UK. Leo Darroch, Secretary – International Federation Una Voce. Adrian Davies, Barrister. R.P. Davis, B.Phil., M.A., D.Phil (Oxon), retired senior lecturer in Ancient History, Queen's University of Belfast; translator/commentator on the Liber Pontificalis of the Roman Church. John Eidinow, Bodley Fellow and Dean, Merton College, Oxford. Jonathan Evans MEP, Vice Chairman Catholic Union of Great Britain. Fra' Matthew Festing, OBE, TD, DL. Grand Prior of England – Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta. The Right Honourable Lord Gill, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland. Dr. Sheridan Gilley, Emeritus Reader, University of Durham. Dr. Christopher Gillibrand, MA (Oxon). Rev. Dr. Laurence Paul Hemming, Heythrop College, University of London. Stephen Hough, Concert Pianist and Composer. Neville Kyrke-Smith, National Director, Aid to the Church in Need UK Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein, President of the British Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. KCSG. James MacMillan, CBE, Composer and Conductor. Anthony McCarthy, Research Fellow, Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics. Mrs. Daphne McLeod, Chairman – Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice. Anthony Ozimic, MA (bioethics). Dr. Susan Frank Parsons, President, Society for the Study of Christian Ethics (UK) and Co-Founder of the Society of St. Catherine of Siena. Dr. Catherine Pickstock, Lecturer in Philosophy and Religion; Fellow – Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Dr. Thomas Pink, Reader in Philosophy and Director of Philosophical Studies, Kings College, London. Piers Paul Read, Novelist and Playwright; Vice-President of the Catholic Writers' Guild of England and Wales. The Rev'd. Dr. Alcuin Reid, Liturgical Scholar and Author. Nicholas Richardson, Warden of Greyfriars Hall, Oxford. Prof. Jonathan Riley-Smith, retired Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Cambridge University. Fr. John Saward, Lisieux Senior Research Fellow in Theology, Greyfriars, Oxford University. Dr. Joseph Shaw. Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy, St. Benet's Hall, Oxford University. Damien Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, The Catholic Herald. http://www.unavoce.org/news/2007/UK_Appeal_012907.htm HERE IS ALSO INTERESTING MASS AT 24.04, FULL OF INFORMATIONS... http://www.baylor.edu/lariat/news.php?action=story&story=50666 LET GOD BELS YOU ALL
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Autor powyższego chyba dawno nie poczuł solidnego wała w swojej kiszce stolcowej. Ależ nie ma sprawy. Jutro też jest dzień, nie ma to jak wydłubywać kawałki kupki zza ząbków. Używam tylko pasty kolgejt, ach czy pamiętacie test z monetą? Pan buk z wami, straż miejska przed wami, odrodzę się kiedyś jako pęczek rzodkiewek. A jaki z tego wniosek? Najlepsze mirabelki są u sąsiada.
[quote=Anonim]Autor powyższego chyba dawno nie poczuł solidnego wała w swojej kiszce stolcowej. Ależ nie ma sprawy. Jutro też jest dzień, nie ma to jak wydłubywać kawałki kupki zza ząbków. Używam tylko pasty kolgejt, ach czy pamiętacie test z monetą? Pan buk z wami, straż miejska przed wami, odrodzę się kiedyś jako pęczek rzodkiewek. A jaki z tego wniosek? Najlepsze mirabelki są u sąsiada.[/quote] DADA! o w plo do piatej...
[quote=Anonim]Autor powyższego chyba dawno nie poczuł solidnego wała w swojej kiszce stolcowej. Ależ nie ma sprawy. Jutro też jest dzień, nie ma to jak wydłubywać kawałki kupki zza ząbków. Używam tylko pasty kolgejt, ach czy pamiętacie test z monetą? Pan buk z wami, straż miejska przed wami, odrodzę się kiedyś jako pęczek rzodkiewek. A jaki z tego wniosek? Najlepsze mirabelki są u sąsiada.[/quote] DADA! o w plo do piatej...
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Anonim (niezweryfikowany)
i tak oto Artur Radosz z naszego bohatera staje się wrogiem. temat newsow ciekawy. ale mialyby jakas wartosc jakby byly napisane w normalny sposb... tesknie za starym (nie tak starym jeszcze) hyperrealem... tym normalnym ktory prezentowal uzytkownikow narkotykow jako osoby dosc normalne i nieglupie... no coz+
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W sumie była to dosyć spontaniczna akcja, ale nastawienie miałem jak zawsze pozytywne. Miejsce przyjmowania to dom na wsi w pięknej okolicy na małej domówce ze znajomymi. Nie bałem się niczego, chciałem przeżyć coś niesamowitego.


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Tak sobie ostatnio czytam listę i widzę same negatywne opinie nt. bielunia. Chciałbym więc przedstawić wam go w trochę innym świetle. W środę wziąłem bielunia z kolegą... no właśnie ile tego było? przeliczając na łyżki do herbaty - jakieś 2, może trochę więcej. Nie robiliśmy żadnych mixturek tylko po prostu zjedliśmy ziarenka.

Trzeba dobrze zmielić zębami, ma ochydny smak, ale da się przeżyć.

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własny pokój, czwartek w nocy, ciekawość pobudzona legendami

TripRaport napisany 12 kwietnia 2007, 19:04 na starym NG na forum Hajpa, przeniesony w zasadzie bez zmian. Dziś pewnie napisałbym go trochę inaczej, ale jako dokument archiwalny niechaj takim pozostanie.



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S&S: Dom kolegi z okolicznymi działkami oraz zakład produkcyjny. Spacer wsiami i lasami nocą po okolicy. We śnie było nas trzech, Ja, Towarzysz K oraz Towarzysz W.

Dawkowanie: 10g nasion ipomea purpurea (w każdym dobrym sklepie etnobotanicznym =)) oraz mj nieznanego gatunku (+2 piwka, ale pomijam to jako tzw. 'błąd statystyczny' ze względu na dużą tolerancję na etanol).

Wiek i doświadczenie: 18, to i tamto. Towarzysz K 18, doświadczenie podobnie tylko dłużej, Towarzysz W chyba 22, doświadczenie małe.