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mixed with trippy synthesizers and ambient-ness. Very moving and emotional. The whole cd merges together
into one big song, like a journey.

Flaming Lips: Less known than Phish but the Lips have been around forever. I especially like Zaireeka! It is a 4 cd album... meant to be played on 4 cd players simultaneously! It makes a great trip activity! What if you don't have 4 cd players? Any combination will make for a unique Zaireeka experience. Don't worry if the disks aren't perfectly synced. It'll still do its thing.
Forest for the Trees - "Forest for the Trees" (!), "The Sound of Wet Paint". A tripped out Carl Stephenson's (Beck's musical comrade) home studio masterpiece extraordinaire. The making of the first Forest for the Trees album mentally exhausted Carl so much, that he was finally committed to an asylum by family and friends. Luckily he's O.k. now :)
Future Sound of London
Grateful Dead
Hallucinogen - "Twisted", "The Lone Deranger", "In Dub". The very best psychedelic (Goa) trance brought to You by the genre defining 'hallucinogenius' Simon Posford. All the trance fans - hold Your hats!!! The album "In Dub" contains Hallucinogen tunes remixed to dub by Ott.
Hotel Costes
Infected Mushroom
Janis Joplin:
Jazz Mandolin Project
Jefferson Airplane
Jimi Hendrix: OMFG... this guy tripped a lot.
Joe Satriani - Live in San Francisco
John Coltraine
Kaki King - amazing acoustic guitar player.. her music is beautiful and great for tripping
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
King Crimson
Kruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D Sessions
Led Zeppelin: The best jam band ever. Listen to 'em live once you're tired of the studio stuff.
Lewis Taylor - Lewis Taylor (1996)/The Lost Album (2004) The most criminally underrated musician alive. His self-titled album is a modern psychedelic soul masterpiece, while Lost is an amazing journey through 70's rock with shades of Todd Rundgren, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac with throwbacks to 60s bands like CSNY, Love and The Beach Boys.
Leo Kottke
Mahavishnu Orchestra
The Mars Volta - De-loused in the Comatorium
Medeski Martin and Wood (MM&W)
Miles Davis
Ministry of Sound - Chillout Sessions anything or Hard NRG and Hard Dance Anthewms for insane, masochistic trips.
Modest Mouse
Mr Bungle - California
Mr. Scruff
Múm - "Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK", "Finally We Are No One", "Summer Make Good" etc. Another Icelandic band making music as pretty and epic as Sigur Rós. Very pretty. For example album "Summer Make Good" was written in an isolated Icelandic lighthouse and recorded in a weather-station.
My Computer - Vulnerabilia
The Mystery of the Yeti - Parts 1 & 2. A collaboration between The Infinity Project, Hallucinogen, Total Eclipse, Process and Doof. Soundtrack of a ritual journey to a sacred meeting place high in Himalayas to meet the mysterious Yeti. Nice and trippy extraterrestrial ambience.
Nature Sounds: Best music on earth.
Neil Young - if u can find anything live from Young s exhaustive touring in the 70s (get on the net) you ll love it

Nightmares on Wax
Nine Inch Nails
Nurse With Wound - "Sugar Fish Drink" etc.
The Orb: Electric gurus of triptronica.
Ott - "Blumenkraft". Another jewel from Twisted Records.
Ozric Tentacles
Paul Oakenfold's "A Voyage Into Trance". Not a true Oakenfold album but very nice on mushrooms.
Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport Album
Pendulum - incredible drum'n'bass. Pretty dirty at times.
Peter Gabriel: He does it... I don't know if he meant to... but he does it. Great progressive trip albums... especially his later stuff.
Philip Glass
Phish: Some people love 'em, some hate 'em... but there is no denying Phish's effectiveness while tripping. Very rhythmic band.
Pink Floyd: Anything Floyd is good in my book. Get 'em all. Pick a favorite. Floyd knows how to guide a good trip. Piper at the Gates, Ummagumma, Meddle (Echoes from this album is prob my fave tripping song), Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, The Wall.. their Live at Pompeii dvd is bad ass too
Portishead: Cool atmospheric stuff... like Sigur Ros or Radiohead's later stuff... but different. Portishead has a female singer. Beth's awesome. Half Day Closing particularly good tripping track.
Primeaux and Mike - Native American peyote healing songs. The real deal. Catalog (with samples) at includes their work and an entire section on Native American tribal peyote music.
Prodigy: "Out of Space" is a must listen track.
Punjabi Lounge - Indian beats with some nice goa/psy trance entwined.
Radiohead: I especially like their albums from OK Computer to present. "Karma Police" so good high.
Ravi Shankar: Morning love
Religious music, or chants: For spiritual trips, helps focus your mind.
RJD2 - Dead Ringer, Since We Last Spoke
RUSH - Moving Pictures - (Tripmeister says) RUSH is the most awesome 3 man band ever! A lot of people dislike Getty Lee's voice, but you'll find that it sounds quite soothing when tripping balls. Alex Lifeson's emotional style on lead guitar cannot be matched and Neal Pert's expert talent on his massive drum kit is incomparable. If you haven't experienced RUSH when shrooming, you haven't lived.
Satie, Erik - French pianist. Great classical music for those who don't like classical music.
Squarepusher - Ultravisitor
Shpongle - "Are You Shpongled?", "Tales of the Inexpressible" and "Nothing Lasts... ...But Nothing is Lost". A magic carpet ride around the world in a tea daze! Shpongle is one of the most fascinating psychedelic sound performances and is highly recommended for mind bending experiences. They have taken unique and timeless music influences and blended them with the digital mastery of sonic manipulation to bring about a perfect blending of the organic with technology. A good sound system is strongly recommended to fully experience the incredible multi-layered sound effects.
Shulman - "Soundscapes and Modern Tales" and "In Search of a Meaningful Moment". Shpongle wannabes or not, this is some very good stuff!
Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft - "Nightsong", "Duplex Ride" (!), "Out Here. In There." Astonishing musical empathy between one of the worlds best contemporary jazz singers (Sidsel) and a keyboard and percussions wizard (Bugge). Their intimate intensity will blow Your breath away. Pure magic! Their solo projects (Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz etc.) are worth checking out as well.
Sigur Rós - "Von", "Ágætis Byrjun", "()". The music of Sigur Rós sounds like it's constructed from the stuff of dreams. A fairy-tale explosion of unhinged elemental majesty.
Simian - "Watch it Glow", "Chemistry Is What We Are" (!), "We Are Your Friends". Psychedelic pop experimentalists with a heavy emphasis on 'mental'.
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness particularly. "In The Arms of Sleep" is shrooming for me!
Spacetime Continuum (get Alien Dreamtime with Terence McKenna)
Spacetribe - 2000 O.D, You Create Your Own Reality, Thru the Looking Glass etc etc - nice, minimal psytrance. They also have a SICK web shop ( that sells wicked psychedelic gear - heaps and heaps of psychedelic wall banners, clothes, cd-cases, music, pants etc etc to turn your home/style into a psychedelic dream. Check out the site... you will want everything there.
Sound Tribe Sector 9
Stereolab - "Peng!", "Dots and Loops", "Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements", "Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night", "Emperor Tomato Ketchup", "Margerine Eclipse" etc. Stereolab are combining an inclination for melodic 60's pop with an art rock aesthetic borrowed from Krautrock bands like Faust and Neu! Essential bright and trippy "feel-good" stuff with a Martini party inspired attitude.
Steve Vai - Anything with steve Vai in it is good for tripping, except for the eighties sh!t. Very magic carpet ride sort of guitar work. Mad sounds you never thought possible from guitar.
String Cheese Incident
Takagi Masakatsu - "Pia" etc. Very enjoyable Japanese sound experimantalist.
Talvin Singh
Terry Riley
Thievery Corp
Dr. Timothy Leary - "The Psychedelic Experience", "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out", "Beyond Life" etc. The PR person of the brain speaks to You directly. Leary is probably the best trip guide there is. Tremendous, monumental, awesome!!!
Tool - Lateralus, Ænima
Twin Peaks Soundtrack
UNKLE - Psyence Fiction
The Who
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (kick-ass electronic holiday music)
Warped Vision - Wouldn't call it music so much as orchestrated noise and sound effects specifically designed to send you into a spooky underworld trance.
Ween - godweensatan: the oneness, The Pod, Pure Guava, and Paintin' the Town Brown (live) are great. So is the rest of their stuff. Check 'em out for sure.
Wevie Stonder - "Stoat", "Drawing On Other People's Heads", "The Age Old Age of Old Age", "Kenyan Harry EP" etc. First - it's not a guy, it's a band (Itchy Genius, Henry Music and M.C. Hat) that plays a compendium of styles including cack, advanced music and dog interviews. Wevie Stonder combine electronic music, live instruments and unpredictable narrative.
Widespread Panic
Wiliam Orbit
Wu Tang - Liquid Swords
YES!!!... Yes is Amazing! Simply GREAT music, tripping or not.
The Garden State Soundtrack - VERY soothing/relaxing. Always helps a stray trip. Good album tripping or not.


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co do 1200miligrams...
strasznie czerstwe. nei podchodzi mi na niczym.
na kwasie, po jaraniu, po grzybach... tytuly ktore powinny pasowac do jazdy, raczej skrecaly mnie, a nie moj pojazd i wylaczalem nawet przed polowa :(

••• moje jebane lenistwo. bije sie w glowe po tym jak po raz Xnasty przypomnialem sobie zeby na wrzucie wpisac w wyszukirace shpongle••• omg, nigdy nie wiedzialem jak taka muzyka sie nazywa :-D

*krzescijanin tanczy, ranczy tanczy tanczy* :)

Handlarze narkotyków wyjaśniają, dlaczego koronawirus psuje im biznes

Chemikalia używane do produkcji metamfetaminy i fentanylu pochodzą głównie z Chin, a kartele w Meksyku zaczynają poważnie odczuwać ich brak...

Kierowca w trakcie i po terapii z użyciem marihuany medycznej

Przedłużony został termin odpowiedzi na interpelację posłów Jarosława Sachajko oraz Pawła Szramki w sprawie dopuszczalnego poziomu składników konopi medycznych i siewnych (THC) w organizmie.



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widze, ze wiekszosc namietnie slucha psytrance i okolic. ja osobiscie preferuje progresywny rock/metal, zwlaszcza te plyty, o ktorych wiem, ze LSD przyczynilo sie do ich ksztaltu. sluchanie proga bardzo inspiruje to co, w kwasie uwielbiam najbardziej, czyli gonitwe mysli w glowie. polecam od siebie szczegolnie "misplaced chilhood" i "clutching at straws" marillionu, "lateralus" toola, "selling england by the pound" genesis i "wish you were here" pink floydow. milo mi sie tez slucha post rocka (a silver mt. zion, godspeed you! black emperor, explosions in the sky) i ambientu/drone (earth, sunn o))), biosphere). ale sunn o))) nikomu na kwas nie polecam, bo wrazliwszym moze zrobic sieczke z mozgu.
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nie wiem czemu ale czuje że na kwasie najlepszy będzie zestaw taki sam jak do DXM i mj czyli:
Aphex Twin, Bonobo (ta muza po prostu miażdży swoim flowem), Chris Clark. Tyle że to za mało ale pewnie coś dorzuce może jakąś sajkodele z lat 70 ;)
Dorzucam sie do opini niektórych że te trance, jakies Szpongle i Zainfekowane Grzyby nic ciekawego sobą nie przedstawiają :-P


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Shpongle to wg ciebie trance?Z reszta nie biorac mocnych psychodelikow nie mozesz w pelni rozumiec tej muzyki.Nie mowie, ze wszystko co pod ta nazwa wydane jest boskie, ale kilka tematow to niedoscigniony wzor w stymulowaniu wygiecia.


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Nie mam pojęcia czym jest Shpongle, próbowałem przesłuchać ale po kilku dźwiekach od razu wiedziałem że to nie muza dla mnie. A jak nie podchodzi na trzeźwo to nie ma w ogóle tematu słuchania jej na czymkolwiek ;)


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ssij ;)
słuchajcie mam ja pytanie. Jak to jest na fazie na kwasie ? %-D Bo tak sie zastanawiam na ile jest sie świadomym. Bardziej jak na MJ (czyli można o sobie stanowić) czy bardziej jak na dexie (czyli jak porwie to sie poddajesz i lecisz). Wiem że to całkiem inne substancje i na kwasie jest jak na ...kwasie :D Ale tak mniej więcej jakbyście mogli przybliżyć. Bo z tego co piszą w neuro to całkiem kontrolowalny tripek jest. Czy jak są te haloony w postaci zaginania sie obrazu to nie da sie normalnie patrzeć na przedmioty i świat bo wszstko pływa czy dopiero jak zatrzymasz na czymś wzrok to zaczyna "żyć" ?


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odpowiem nie udzielajac odpowiedzi ;]


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Gwynnbleid pisze:
ssij ;)
słuchajcie mam ja pytanie. Jak to jest na fazie na kwasie ? %-D Bo tak sie zastanawiam na ile jest sie świadomym. Bardziej jak na MJ (czyli można o sobie stanowić) czy bardziej jak na dexie (czyli jak porwie to sie poddajesz i lecisz). Wiem że to całkiem inne substancje i na kwasie jest jak na ...kwasie :D Ale tak mniej więcej jakbyście mogli przybliżyć. Bo z tego co piszą w neuro to całkiem kontrolowalny tripek jest. Czy jak są te haloony w postaci zaginania sie obrazu to nie da sie normalnie patrzeć na przedmioty i świat bo wszstko pływa czy dopiero jak zatrzymasz na czymś wzrok to zaczyna "żyć" ?
Stary, tematy żeś popierdolił, nie offtopuj bo się mody obrażą.
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